Game Console Repair in Auckland

PS3 Red / Yellow Light RLOD YLOD- Overheating - Wavey Lines - Graphical Issues - Controller Sync

Why bother with quick playstation 3 repairs which dont last?! At Microtechnology Ltd we believe in good quality repairs which work and last longer than the temporary fixes some shops offer (heatgun reflows, towel trick, penny trick etc etc) All our Playstation repairs are completed SAME DAY and come with a three month guarantee for your peace of mind (most other shops offer 1 month guarantee, we offer three months whether your Sony seal is broken or not) With over 100 customer reviews why look elsewhere? We have an overall score of 4.8/5 (customer service 4.8/5, Value for money 4.9/5, Quality of Repairs 4.9/5) NEW JUNE 2013: We now have two brand new reball machines (Jovy RE-8500 & Bird 5000 V2) that we use for all our Playstation 3 repairs. This is the professional way to repair RROD/YLOD and other Playstation issues instead of using a heatgun (which can damage your PS3 board and is the unprofessional way of repairs)

A list of Playstation repairs we undertake are:

  • Flashing Red Light - RLOD Repair
  • Flashing Yellow Light - YLOD Repair
  • Overheating
  • Controller Problems
  • Games stuck in drive
  • Not reading games
  • Casing and Plastics Repair
  • Power and Video Cables
  • No picture or sound
  • No Power
  • Hard Drive Issues and more...

Simple visit us or call us on (09) 276 1920

Opening Hours :

Monday to Saturday : 9.30 am to 6.00 pm